FSI on the Product Genius Podcast

Episode 130 - Overcoming Business Plateaus with Jeff Lovejoy!


Episode 129 - FSI Shark Tank Spotlight on Mighty Carver!


Episode 128 - What It Is Like Working with a 3PL!


Episode 125 - FSI Shark Tank Spotlight on Touch Up Cup! 


Episode 122 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on Peggy Jardine of Trunk Trapper! 


Episode 120 - FSI Shark Tank Spotlight on Tandm Surf! 


Episode 117 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on Happy Jack Floats! 


Episode 115 - FSI 25th Anniversary Interview with Founders! 


Episode 112 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Busy Baby Mat! 


Episode 106 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on Maryann Kilgallon of POMM Connect! 


Episode 102 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on Mike Hyden of Tailgate Saver - Made in the USA! 


Episode 100 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on CrittEar!


Episode 97 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on Scott Anderson of iFLEX!


Episode 95 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on long-time client, Clear Gear!


Episode 92 - FSI Small Business Spotlight on Love + Grow Clothing Co., a UNIQUE Children’s Clothing Brand! 


Episode 89 - Shark Tank Spotlight on LineCutterz - Powered by FSI


Episode 86 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Rapid Rope - Powered by FSI

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Episode 84 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Bug Bite Thing - Powered by FSI

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Episode 79 - Shark Tank Spotlight on SlumberPod  - Powered by FSI

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Episode 78 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Shower Toga  - Powered by FSI

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Episode 70 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Michele Kapustka, founder of  - Powered by FSI

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Episode 65 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Romy Taormina, founder of PSI Bands - Powered by FSI

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Episode 56 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Jim Loughran, founder of Polyglide - Powered by FSI

Episode 55 - Shark Tank Spotlight on Stephan Aarstol, founder of Tower Paddle Boards - Powered by FSI

Episode 49 - What Does It Look Like to Start Conversations with a Fulfillment Company - with FSI

Episode 48 - Behind the Scenes of Fulfillment Strategies International

Episode 44 - Entrepreneur Spotlight with Darrah Brustein - Powered by FSI

Episode 37 - Shark Tank Entrepreneur Spotlight with Pandaloon founder, Eugenia Chen - Powered by FSI

Episode 35 - Shark Tank Entrepreneur Spotlight with Montikids founder, Zahra Kassam - Powered by FSI

Episode 29 - The Anatomy of an Order with Fulfillment Strategies International

February 2019 – Austell, GA – On this podcast of the Product Genius with Tiffany Krumins, Gifford Pace, Business Development Consultant, shares what happens when an order is received at the Fulfillment Strategies International (FSI) fulfillment center.  FSI sets itself apart by focusing on order accuracy and customer service in inventory management, order fulfillment, kitting and subscription boxes on an elite list of consumer-product clients.

Episode 25 - Shark Tank Entrepreneur Spotlight with Grypmat founder, Tom Burden

Episode 21 - Shark Tank Entrepreneur Spotlight with Glovestix founder, Krista Woods - Powered by FSI

Episode 18 - Shark Tank Entrepreneur Spotlight with Joe’s Gourmet Fish Fry founder, Maranda Dowell - Powered by FSI

Episode 16 - Shark Tank Entrepreneur Spotlight with Dude Robe founder, Howie Busch - Powered by FSI

Episode 10 - Shark Tank Entreprenuer Spotlight - Good Hangups - Powered by FSI!

Episode 9 - Shark Tank Entreprenuer Spotlight - Solemates - Powered by FSI!

Episode 5 - How to Get Your Product-Based Business Out of the Garage with Fulfillment Strategies International