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FSI Team Donates Blood during Coronavirus Outbreak


Lithia Springs, GA  – March 28, 2020 – Forrest Marbutt - These days are indeed tough times.  Every day seems to bring new changes to our way of life.  One aspect of life that will never change is the constant need to donate blood, and during these strange times, that need is even greater.  There is a severe blood shortage going on.  For those of you who are familiar with FSI, you know that donating blood as a group on a routine basis is a passion of ours.  Your body can donate every 56 days, and we make it a point to find a local blood drive every interval we can.

With this one being a little more important, we roped in some FSI family to join us.  We even got a first time, 17-year-old donor in since she’s suddenly much more available with her time these days.

I suppose I might as well take time to mention that this 17-year-old (and mom) are also making masks in her new free time to be sent in to healthcare workers.  JOANN Fabrics will donate the fabric and the patterns.  The volunteers pick up the fabric from JOANN’s, make the masks, then take them back to JOANN’s who gets them into the hands of the healthcare workers who need them.  Check out how you can join the fun here!

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