Fulfillment Strategies International


FSI Team "Celebrates" 24 Years

Lithia Springs, GA  – April 16, 2020 – Forrest Marbutt - With everything going on in the world these days in dealing with COVID-19, it is hard to celebrate too much.  We recognize that FSI is in a fortunate position of being an essential business as part of the supply chain fulfilling orders from around the world for some much-needed supplies, such as, masks, filters, disinfectants, food, automotive products, etc.  We feel very blessed to be able to provide a much-needed service to our clients.

It’s difficult to celebrate from a physical standpoint.  We can’t gather the entire company or even departments together for a meeting.  Social distancing is a little challenging when trying to do it in the workplace where we’re accustomed to gathering for announcements.  It’s a whole new world we live in these days where we make sure people are working at a safe distance from each other.  Doors, handles, etc. are wiped down constantly with disinfectant.  Visitors (including drivers) are not allowed inside.  We’re checking everyone’s temperature each day with forehead thermometers.  Even kit packing jobs where we would typically set up an assembly line are being handled differently where everyone has their own table with everything they need to pack all of the kit contents.  Sure, that affects profitability on a kit packing job, but reducing our employees’ exposure far outweighs the downside.  Everything is different these days.

Speaking of different, we’re used to getting everyone together for our anniversary with a cake or a meal.  So with this year’s 24 year anniversary, even the “celebration” was a little out of the ordinary.  This year, we brought in cupcakes and had everyone enjoy their cake with their own individual celebration.  We’re also in the middle of a warehouse move where we’re consolidating 2 warehouses into 1 larger facility.  That helped a little where everyone wasn’t quite gathered in the same building as we turned 24.  For those who are working out of the new building already, there is 486,000 ft² to spread out in, which is a lot easier to do here than our previous 155,000 ft² and 135,000 ft² buildings.  For those keeping up, yes, our first employee, Karen Cross, is still with us and also celebrated being with us for 24 years.

We’ll get through this crisis.  In the meantime, as we look forward to future company gatherings where we truly can get together, we’ll keep shipping your orders out, and we’ll keep packing your kits for distribution.  We thank you for helping us reach this milestone, and we look forward to next year’s 25 being back to normal. 

Fulfillment Strategies International (FSI) focuses on helping companies, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, get their products to the individual consumers, retail locations, or team members by specializing in inventory management, order fulfillment, subscription box management, and kitting for e-Commerce.  FSI can be reached at 678-391-5980 or email info@fsi3pl.com.