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FSI Small Business Spotlight on Maryann Kilgallon - POMM Connect

Lithia Springs, GA  - January 25, 2021 – Gifford Pace – For the first podcast of 2021, Tiffany Krumins of Product Genius made the FSI Small Business Spotlight on Maryann Kilgallon, founder of POMM Connect at The Atlanta Tech Park.  Seth Gilland was there to represent Fulfillment Strategies International as we learned more about Maryann’s story.

She is the owner of POMM Connect which is an acronym for Peace of Mind Monitor and shares product benefits and guidance as she brought the product to market.  It’s a wearable wristband that links to an app so parents can monitor vital signs and GPS for their kids (ages 3+ years old).  Her idea is aimed at preventing drowning (water immersion alarm), child abuse and abduction (integrated with 911 call centers within your city), and heat-stroke (registers ambient and child’s temperature.  Heart rate monitor indicates wellness: high if the child is scared, or low if the child is unconscious.

It’s a great startup story.  Take a listen by clicking the Product Genius on the side bar.

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