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Shark Tank Spotlight on Busy Baby Mat!

Lithia Springs, GA  - March 5, 2021 – Gifford Pace – Beth Fynbo, owner of Busy Baby (www.busybabymat.com), LLC was a fun and vibrant personality to interview on Tiffany Krumins Product Genius  podcast (www.tiffanykrumins.com).  We got to talk with her the day she that her Shark Tank episode aired.  She showcased, Busy Baby Mat, which is a great product to help parents with not only feeding little ones but also keeping them occupied.   Her idea for the mat idea grew from watching her friends try to occupy their children before and during lunch.  If you’re a parent, you’ve probably given the baby sugar packets, cracker, spoons, and yes, saltshakers to occupy them.  Invariably, those items get dropped to the floor and well you know…germs.  But with her product, that stops.  Various toys are attached to a food-grade plastic mat that is suction-cupped to the surface.  Simply ingenious and easy.  Hear the podcast on the Product Genius side bar back on the Out of the Box page and get inspired!



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