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Here's FSI - A Four Part Video Blog (Part II)  

Lithia Springs – 4/15/22 – Gifford Pace – The second video installment of Here’s FSIPart II Kitting focuses on FSI’s kitting services.

Janet Quintanar and Felicia Henderson team up to handle all production aspects of a kitting project for our clients.  “Since each client and project is unique,” says Felicia, “we communicate directly with the client to set expectations, timelines, and materials that will be used.  Then our team works to meet those goals.”  Janet added, “Whether the project is big or small, we’ve found two things to be very important.  The first is the appearance of how the individual kit is packed.  We know things can shift during transit, so we pay close attention to detail to secure the products inside.  We want the recipient to be delightfully surprised when they open their package.  And the second, is getting the kit into the recipient’s hand when the client wants it there.  We have a lot of projects that are tied to a specific event like a football game or trade show.  It’s important that we manage their timeline and distribute accordingly.”

That’s not all our production/kitting team does at FSI.  Sometimes their work involves relabeling items, repackaging or rebranding, and other tasks that require precise handwork.  “We just wrapped up a project where the inventory arrived with very flimsy packaging. The client asked us to tag each item, inspect the packaging for damage, and then decide if the packaging should be discarded.  That was a big deal for them to trust us to make that decision,” says Felicia.

Fulfillment Strategies International (FSI) focuses on helping companies, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, get their products to the individual consumers, retail locations, or team members by specializing in inventory management, order fulfillment, subscription box management, and kitting for e-Commerce.  FSI can be reached at 678-391-5980 or email info@fsi3pl.com.