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Here's FSI - A Four Part Video Blog (Part IV) 

Lithia Springs – 9/1/22 – Gifford Pace - Let’s be real.  Did you launch your business to manage inventory and pack boxes?  Chances are you had a great idea and thought people would want your product enough to pay for it.  All the product development, marketing programs, website optimization, talks with manufacturers, and pitches to buyers would pay off.  The money would roll in, you would have a good life, and then retire in comfortable luxury.

I’m so there with you.  Orders started coming in and lots of them.  You thought your current warehouse operation or 3PL could handle the volume and scale with you.  But that’s not happening to your satisfaction.  It’s taking too long to get the orders out the door, customers are getting the wrong items, chargebacks are through the roof, and there are too many shipping mistakes.

The video highlights our core service: Pick-Pack-Ship.  It’s inventory management and fulfilling orders; a critical part of your success story.  We’ve been doing it for over 26 years and have helped all size companies from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500.  As they grow and change, we grow and change right along with them. 

That next order that goes out it’ll have your name on it and it’s your reputation that is on the line.  We get it.  Why?  Because our reputation depends on doing all things 3PL well, especially pick and pack.  Please check out our video and let’s talk afterwards.



Fulfillment Strategies International (FSI) focuses on helping companies, from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, get their products to the individual consumers, retail locations, or team members by specializing in inventory management, order fulfillment, subscription box management, and kitting for e-Commerce.  FSI can be reached at 678-391-5980 or email info@fsi3pl.com.