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Kitting & Assembly

Putting Your Project Together. TOGETHER.

When you don’t know how the job will get done, we use our years of know-how to get your project to the finish line.

You’ve got a complex challenge on your hands with many moving parts and parts that need to be moved—directly to your customers. And without a moment to spare.

But who will…

  • assemble your finished units?
  • make sure the required pieces are uniformly packed in each unit?
  • meet your deadline and stay on budget?
  • represent your brand properly as your customers open your package?

With FSI at the wheel, the pressure is off. You’ll communicate directly with your FSI project manager to determine budget and timeline before the project starts, eliminating the worry of hidden charges or surprises.

Once you approve your sample package, we begin the assembly process using our EXPERIENCE and focus on QUALITY CONTROL every step of the way.

We’ve tackled some big time projects, including:

  • Completing 50,000 kits in under 10 days for a client when the competition was quoting a month to get the same work done
  • Assembling 6000 subscription boxes monthly for an upscale hair care products company and enhancing their brand message with the addition of tissue paper and careful presentation of products in box
  • Assembling AMA Award winning marketing campaigns for the U.S. Marine Corp.

Brands that trust us…


The boxes are looking so beautifully put together online! Thanks for the wonderful attention to detail.
-Myleik Teele, Owner/CEO CurlBox
FSI has been a strategic partner of JWT in support of client programs including the U.S. Marine Corp recruiting and event management for the past eight years. FSI has an excellent track record of accuracy in shipped goods and works to ensure our projects and mailings are shipped on time. We highly recommend FSI…
-J. Walter Thompson/U.S. Marine Corp.

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