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What Makes the FSI Order Fulfillment Warehouse Extraordinary?

All businesses face unique challenges. For the FSI order fulfillment warehouse, those challenges are also what makes it extraordinary. Dealing with challenges and exceeding our client's expectations is what sets FSI, and our order fulfillment warehouse team, apart from the competition. Our clients come to us because of our reputation for meeting order fulfillment warehouse challenges head on, and coming up with creative solutions to meet their needs.

One of the biggest challenges facing the FSI order fulfillment warehouse team is the rise and fall of order volumes. It is not uncommon to have a spike in orders that reaches 4,000 or more units in one day. When the order fulfillment warehouse team comes in to this sort of day, they know that they must accurately pick, pack and ship hundreds of different products to meet our client's needs. To continually meet our 99.9% order fulfillment warehouse shipping accuracy rate is truly extraordinary. Under this sort of pressure, it is amazing that any order fulfillment warehouse team could get the job done at all, much less done on time and with near 100% accuracy like FSI's team does.

Of course, this is only one of the ways that our order fulfillment warehouse team is extraordinary. This doesn't take into account the ways that our order fulfillment warehouse team must catalog and stock all of the items that arrive in our warehouse each day. Off loading, verifying, bar coding and stocking is a laborious task that our order fulfillment warehouse team undertakes each day. We insist that product goes from "dock to stock"” within 8 business hours. This doesn't leave much time for our order fulfillment warehouse team to be extraordinary, but day in and day out they find a way to do it.

We really are proud of the order fulfillment warehouse team at FSI. They are a dedicated team who work behind the scenes to ensure that our client's expectations are exceeded each and every day.

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