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Total Warehousing Pick and Pack Efficiency is Our Goal

Efficiency is the key to continually meeting the high standards our clients expect, and to keeping our warehousing pick and pack systems functioning at their best. Without efficiency, the warehousing pick and pack systems would look like a plate of spaghetti. Jumbles of items all intertwined together without any semblance of order. You simply cannot have a warehousing pick and pack system where it is impossible to tell where one item starts and another stops. So how does FSI manage its vast quantity of products to create an organized and efficient warehousing pick and pack system? We achieve warehousing pick and pack success through our innovative barcode technology.

Through our barcode technology, the warehousing pick and pack items becomes infinitely more organized and efficient. This ensures we are able to tackle the ever increasing array of items in our warehousing pick and pack programs. Regardless of the number of items that our warehousing pick and pack team has to choose from, they can easily select the proper quantities, sizes and colors for your package, with the speed and accuracy needed to meet the deadlines your project demands.

The use of barcode technology is initiated the moment a product is received into our warehouse for stock. Our warehousing pick and pack barcode technology tells us the exact location, product, size, color and quantity of any piece that is part of the warehousing pick and pack program. The details and information contained in the barcode technology are the lifeblood and backbone of the FSI system. It ensures that our 99.9% warehousing pick and pack accuracy rates will continue to be met far into the future.

To learn more about how FSI's barcode technology, and warehousing pick and pack accuracy and efficiency, can benefit your business, contact us at info@fsifulfillment.com or visit our website.

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