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Marketing Fulfillment: It's All About Partnership

Anyone who has worked with FSI knows that we are passionate about partnership. Everyone on the FSI team is committed to partnering with our clients for greater success. Nowhere is this more evident than in the marketing fulfillment area. Our marketing fulfillment team continues to demonstrate their ability to partner with clients as they successfully complete new, innovative and interesting projects.

With so many marketing fulfillment projects on the docket, I sometimes wonder how our team is able to continue coming up with so many exciting and clever ideas. The marketing fulfillment team is never at a loss. They jump into each new project with a level of excitement that is inspiring to me.

This is where their ability to partner with our clients really shines through. The marketing fulfillment team works on every detail with our clients. Starting early on in the process, the marketing fulfillment team works to understand the whole marketing campaign, and all of the fulfillment needs surrounding it. They make recommendations for packaging concepts that will look great, produce and ship well. One of the most important things that the marketing fulfillment team must do is develop packaging that will look as good coming out of the box as it did going into it. With literally thousands of samples being shipped all over the country, ensuring that packages survive the shipping process looking like new is a vital component of the marketing fulfillment team's success.

All of this must happen on the tightest of time lines. Working under pressure is a daily occurrence for the marketing fulfillment team at FSI. When you see the FSI marketing fulfillment team watching the clock, it certainly isn't because they are waiting to go home. It is because they want to ensure they NEVER miss a deadline.

Kudos to the marketing fulfillment team! You do a great job!

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