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FSI Delivers Superior Fulfillment and Distribution Services

When you need a fulfillment and distribution partner, you need FSI - Fulfillment Strategies International. As the leading provider of fulfillment and distribution services, our team is ready to provide the superior level of service and support that you have been searching for. From kit packing and order processing, to sweepstakes management, we offer a complete array of fulfillment and distribution services.Take a look at a few of the fulfillment and distribution services we offer:

  • Kit Packing. In this area of fulfillment and distribution, we help companies with everything from P.O.P. displays to direct marketing kits. Our commitment to assembling the kits you need, in the time frame you require, is what makes FSI's fulfillment and distribution team the best. From single kit jobs to multi-version kits, we are committed to getting the job done right and on time.
  • Pick/Pack/Ship. Another area of fulfillment and distribution that we specialize in is Pick/Pack/Ship (PPS). Our PPS teams work with all kinds of items ranging from books and CDs to food products and apparel. Our fulfillment and distribution bar code system enables us to have the highest levels of PPS accuracy in the business.
  • Sweepstakes/Promotions/Rebates. Go ahead and try to find another fulfillment and distribution company that is as adept as FSI in handling sweepstakes and promotions. From judging and administration tasks, to qualifying and notifying winners, we can do it all for you. Our Rebate programs use strict processes to issue rebate checks for qualifying entries.
  • Mailings. Our mailing services include the ability to easily handle bulk mail preparation, metering, tabbing/wafer seal, labeling and other mail services. Our commitment to delivering a superior fulfillment and distribution experience is extended to our mailing services.

If you have the need for fulfillment and distribution services, FSI has the knowledgeable and professional team that will make your job run quickly and efficiently. To learn more about our fulfillment and distribution services, contact FSI at info@fsifulfillment.com or visit our website.

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