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FSI Hosts GMA Plant Tour


FSI was proud to be included in one of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance's (GMA) latest plant tours. FSI recently took a tour of the Port of Savannah through the GMA, and we were very pleased to be included among such important tours within the supply chain industry.

The event proved to be a great day of networking and education. In most of our tour situations, FSI is speaking to prospects about what makes FSI the best choice for outsourcing their fulfillment. In those cases, our visitors are at least somewhat familiar with what a fulfillment company does. In today’s tour, while some attendees had experience with fulfillment companies, for the rest it was a complete learning experience. Our discussion topic was “8 Reasons to Outsource to a Fulfillment Company”. In our tour, FSI was able to demonstrate kit packing, pick/pack/ship, shrink wrapping, receiving, and many other tasks. Attendees were very interested in learning more about our company background and the top reasons for our growth and success.

The most common response from those in attendance was the surprise at just how involved the order fulfillment process can be. It certainly challenged some preconceived notions that fulfillment mostly involves putting something in a box. If only it were that simple! While such a tour is of course a condensed view of all that we do, the savvy attendees quickly gained respect for the enormous amount of resources, diverse skillsets, and technology that must all come together to keep everyone from small startups to Fortune 500 companies confident that their order fulfillment is running smoothly throughout the year.

If you missed the tour but would be interested in learning more about what a fulfillment company can do for you, please contact us at 800-944-8108 or email us at sales@fsifulfillment.com.


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