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FSI Celebrates 20 Years of Business!

What a nice contrast in celebrating 1 year of business on the left and 20 years on the right. See if you can spot the same 4 people.

Wow, 20 years old! FSI just celebrated being in business for 20 years! Back in 1996, the Olympics were coming to town here in Atlanta and the Internet as we know it today w­as just getting off the ground. Brothers Ken and Hoyt Marbutt founded FSI on April 1st that year with just 13,000 ft² of space. After a few moves, we’re now using about 180,000 ft². We opened our doors with our 2 founders and 1 temp, and today we average around 60 total employees. By the way, that temp from 20 years ago was soon hired full-time and is still with FSI today. While things change dramatically over the course of 20 years and we have made innumerable adjustments to keep up with those changes, kit packing and pick/pack/ship have always been at the heart of FSI’s core business offerings. It’s what we do and it’s the reason we have been recognized so often at the local and national levels for providing truly world-class fulfillment services.

For such a momentous occasion, FSI celebrated our anniversary in style at the nearby Riverside EpiCenter. Employees got to enjoy their game room, rock climbing wall and bowling alley for a few hours before sitting down for a catered dinner and the fun and camaraderie that always characterize our gatherings. We ate plenty of cake, gave away lots of prizes (Yeti Coolers are quite popular, you know), reminisced about our favorite memories over the years, and just flat out had a great time together.

We thank our employees, clients, vendors, partners, and families who have helped make this enormous milestone possible. It’s a total team effort. 99.95% order accuracy doesn’t happen by itself. A continually growing business doesn’t happen by chance. So with all that growth in warehouse space, employees, and clients while improving order accuracy, I hope that means that we’re doing a few things right. We’ve been growing from the beginning, and we have no plans to stop. Who knows what FSI will look like in another 20 years, but I do know that we will be around to celebrate it.


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