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Delivering REAL-TIME DATA. At a Moment’s Notice.

There’s no time to spare when your customer needs an order status update. Or when a sale hangs in the balance because you don’t have a current inventory count. Or when your accountant needs a report—yesterday.

We know how powerful up-to-the-minute data is to your business. So keeping you in the loop tops our priority list, making it easy for you to make informed decisions.

Here’s how we keep you in the moment with your fulfillment operation:


FSI integrates with all of the most popular shopping carts—think Shopify, Magento, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce and many more—so once your customer clicks an order into motion, data moves instantaneously and the fulfillment process is underway. Our unique blend of proprietary protocols and off-the-shelf software allow for easy integration between well-established platforms and other systems. No matter how you need to connect, our skilled in-house IT team is prepared to help—every step of the way.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

From on-boarding to compliance to shipment coordination, our dedicated team works with your retail trading partners to ensure success. Setup is easy and while we do the heavy lifting, you have visibility into the EDI system to monitor progress with POs. We mitigate and negotiate retail store compliance chargebacks, saving your money and reputation.

FSI Client Access

Real-time access to reports at your fingertips—24/7/365. Viewing your inventory, orders, receipts, returns and shipping status is convenient and easy using our cloud-based reporting site, FSI Client Access. Download any report into Excel for further data sorting. Transparency and immediacy. It’s the way fulfillment reporting should be.


From pick/pack/ship to receiving goods, we incorporate barcode scanning to ensure accuracy. It’s how we’ve earned 99.95% accuracy in pick/pack/ship, measured across 13 criteria. FSI’s innovative scan-pack apps drive accuracy and efficiency on consumer and retail supply chain shipments.


The online reporting FSI offers is a huge help to us. The ability to review inventory, order history, order tracking and sales reports is very valuable. The ability to customize our shipping reports to suit our specific needs is also a huge benefit to us.
-Sarah Blakely, Founder and Designer, SPANX
Because of the entire FSI team, our order processing time shrunk 59% since coming online with your company
-Paul Reeves, Chief Operating Officer, Reach Out Youth Solutions
[FSI’s] onboarding was quick and efficient, which led to no down time for our customers. The ease of operation and the reporting made it very easy to meet all our customer needs. Innovolt had some unique requirements, which were met with a professional and friendly ‘no problem’.
-Chuck Castellano, Vice President, Innovolt

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