FSI Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our Management team is made up of helpful, dedicated professionals and industry veterans with 20+ years of experience in customer service, operations, finance, sales, and IT.

With enthusiasm and excitement.  With our senses of adventure and humor fully intact.  With a firm belief that fun is functional, and that you can never be really sharp without a little edge.

So, we juggle.  Wear lots of hats. Stay on the ball. Bend over backward. And actually enjoy doing it.

We’re partners and advisors, supporters and ambassadors.  We’ll always stand up, and stand beside you.  We’re all-in and all-together-now. End to end.  Start-to-finish. Face-to-face.

Meet Our Leadership

headshot of Forrest Marbutt

Forrest Marbutt

President & Owner

headshot of Chuck Slappey

Chuck Slappey

Senior Director of Operations

headshot of Eddie Simmons

Eddie Simmons

Director of Operations

headshot of Jeremy Samples

Jeremy Samples

Director of Operations

headshot of Linda Williamson

Linda Williamson

Director of Strategic Accounts

headshot of Chris Lozier

Chris Lozier

Director of Finance

headshot of Toni Thomas

Toni Thomas

Director of Human Resources

headshot of Alston Callwood

Alston Callwood

Director of IT

headshot of Seth Gilland

Seth Gilland

Business Development Manager

headshot of Tammy Hitchcock

Tammy Hitchcock

Customer Service Manager

headshot of Daryl Gramling

Daryl Gramling

Documentation Specialist & EDI Expert

Our Core Values

Fulfillment Strategies International will become a strategic partner to its customers by providing value added, quality fulfillment services based on the highest standards of professional ethics and responsibility.

Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients and their customers through our services.

We will succeed through a commitment to efficiency, flexibility, innovation and personal attention.

In pursuit of this goal we attach a particular importance to the quality of our employees whose careful recruitment and training ensure our future.

When you need to see proven solutions for fulfillment challenges, FSI Delivers.