Kitting and Assembly Services

Kitting and Assembly Services

Putting Your Project Together. Together.

You’ve got a complex challenge on your hands, with many moving parts and parts that need to be moved—directly to your customers. And without a moment to spare. But who will assemble your finished units and make sure the required pieces are uniformly packed in each unit? Who will meet your deadline and stay on budget, and represent your brand properly as your customers open your package?

With FSI at the wheel, the pressure is off. You’ll communicate directly with your FSI project manager to determine the budget and timeline before the project starts, eliminating the worry of hidden charges or surprises. Once you approve your sample package, we begin the kitting process using our experience and focus on quality control every step of the way.

The FSI Advantage

By outsourcing our kitting and assembly to FSI, we’ve been able to streamline our processes, increase output, and focus on growing our core business.

Companies we've helped:

Unleash Your Growth Potential with FSI's Comprehensive Kitting and Assembly Solutions

Experience the precision and efficiency of FSI’s kitting and assembly services. From promotional campaigns to subscription boxes, our skilled team and advanced equipment ensure accurate, cost-effective kit assembly for orders of any size. FSI’s meticulous process, proprietary tracking tool, and comprehensive support allow you to focus on growing your business while we handle the complexities of kitting and assembly.

Comprehensive Kitting and Assembly Services

Promotional Kits

We support promotional companies with kitting for direct mail, marketing, and advertising purposes.

Subscription Box Assembly

We efficiently collate many products together into complete subscription service units.

Customized Kits

We ensure that each destination receives the right items, properly packed and presentable, with customization for individual recipients when required.

Apparel Retagging

Our services include retagging apparel as part of the kitting process.

Why Partner with FSI?

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