Continuous Improvement:  Best 3PL Ever

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Continuous Improvement:  Best 3PL Ever

At FSI, we like to think that we’re the greatest 3PL there ever was in the history of fulfillment companies.  In fact, we even had an employee T-Shirt design contest, and one of the winners had us putting “Best 3PL Ever” on a shirt that we then produced and gave to all the employees.   


Whether that is true or not that we’re the “Best 3PL Ever”, it is a lofty goal that we strive for as both a fulfillment provider to our clients and as the best place our employees can work.  It is a mentality that carries us in everything we do that if we want to be the best, we have to think like we’re the best in all that we do.  That is part of why FSI’s order accuracy rate is as high as it is.  Historically, we’ve measured it at 99.95%, and YTD we are doing even better at 99.98%.  It’s also part of why our employee longevity is so high, which translates into better service for our clients with our experience.    

One of the things at FSI that fits in with that “Best 3PL Ever” mentality is to “never get too comfortable”.  For as good as our clients might feel like we are now, everything changes constantly, so we are therefore constantly on the lookout for ways to get even better.  There’s always another fulfillment company that wants what FSI has, and we have to make sure that we are so good at fulfillment that our clients would never think of going anywhere.  We cannot sit back and rest on yesterday’s success and expect everything to remain the same. 

To help foster that continuous improvement mentality, we have an employee incentive program at FSI called “Ideas for Cash” where we reward our employees for coming up with great ideas on improvement.  We award employees quarterly and then annually with money, days off, prizes, trophies, recognition, etc.  Our tagline is “When you need experience, FSI Delivers”, and it’s not just a slogan.  We’ve had this incentive program in place for 21 years now.      

This year’s Idea of the Year award winner comes from our EDI & Documentation Coordinator, Daryl Gramling.  Daryl also has a huge background in IT, so he was able to help automate some manual EDI processes that really saved our CSR team a ton of time, which in turn helped save our clients a lot of money along the way.  Needless to say, Daryl is the most popular guy around the CSR team these days because of it. 

Thank you Daryl for your contribution to our success and for helping FSI remain the “Best 3PL Ever”!        


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