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Work Hard, Play Hard

To maintain our world class order fulfillment company with awesome order accuracy and fast order turnarounds, it requires constant hard work and a collective effort from all of our employees.  Every now and then, we get to reward ourselves with a company outing to have a little fun and to show appreciation for everyone’s hard work.  This last outing had us going out to a hockey game together to see the Atlanta Gladiators.  With special arrangements with the Gladiators, the bonus was that we got to go down onto the ice after the game and shoot some pucks.  Even better, I got to be the goalie and see if the employees could score on me.  

Getting to and from the game was also a lot of fun.  We rode in style with a party bus!  With the employees in charge of the music, we touched on all kinds of songs everyone could sing along to.  


For many of our employees, this was their first hockey game.  Prior to the game, we sent out some Hockey 101 videos explaining the basics of the game: 3 periods, penalty box, power play, icing, etc.  While Atlanta didn’t win this particular night, it was still a lot of fun. 

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Prior to the game ending, I had to go down to the locker room area and get suited up for being the goalie.  That was a little surprising to see what all goalies have to put on to be protected, and it took a good while with guys helping me.  I can certainly understand why though.  I wouldn’t want to be hit by one of those pucks in any areas that wasn’t covered with some padding.

Each employee got 3 shots on me.  After a while, I was pretty tired.  I gained a whole new respect for those goalies who do it in a game for that long.  After all was said and done, there were 5 goals scored on me.  I rewarded those employees with an Atlanta Gladiators hockey puck at the next company quarterly meeting.   


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Who knows what fun awaits our team in the future.  Whatever it is, we know we’ll have a blast together doing it.

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