Sweepstakes and Rebate Promotions for Fortune 500 Consumer Products Company

Challenge An agency based in both Atlanta and the Los Angeles area, approached FSI to support their growing sweepstakes and rebate programs for their top client.  Their current provider, an Atlanta printer, was not flexible enough to handle the substantial growth of programs and the volumes within each promotions.   Rebates checks were going out late […]

Advertising Agency Support for Major Account Premium and Event Fulfillment Program

Challenge FSI identified a need within a national agency based in New York with a strong Atlanta presence, to move their customer’s existing premium and promotional event fulfillment program to a new provider.  Based on previous experience within FSI with this program, our team was able to work with the agency to identify specific issues […]

Emerging Market – Apparel Company

E-Commerce, Wholesale & Large Retailer/Department Store Fulfillment Program Challenge A growing Southern-inspired gentlemen’s apparel company, had been featured in Southern Living Magazine and a variety of regional southern publications.  When onboarding with FSI for their fulfillment support, this company was selling to two primary sales channels including direct to consumer and to regional specialty stores. Since that […]