Advertising Agency Support for Major Account Premium and Event Fulfillment Program

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Advertising Agency Support for Major Account Premium and Event Fulfillment Program


FSI identified a need within a national agency based in New York with a strong Atlanta presence, to move their customer’s existing premium and promotional event fulfillment program to a new provider.  Based on previous experience within FSI with this program, our team was able to work with the agency to identify specific issues related to inventory management and quality.  With our proven processes and industry best practices, FSI knew we could deliver vast improvement over the current provider. 


After a discovery period, FSI formulated a solution to include strict inventory setup and management, a 99.9% order accuracy ratio, and custom kit assembly quality that is unmatched by the competition.  The systems solutions FSI proposed to combine with our solid logistics included a web based ordering system available to super users at the agency and customer user level, as well as a second tier of access to the site available only to select uers by password protected entry.  This allows uers to only see and order what is made available at their level.  Reporting was also an important aspect of the new solution.  FSI deployed our FSI Enterprise reporting site, where users log on to view Inventory in real time, usage, trends, Order History, tracking, receiving and returns data. 


Based on our experience and the solution presented, FSI was selected for the program support in early 2006.  FSI housed between 800-1,050 pallet locations monthly of apparel and promotional material including premium items and collateral used in recruiting such as booklets, posters, banners, literature pieces, DVDs, CDs, water bottles, backpacks, T-shirts, caps, jackets and a variety of other items.  We shipped these items on a quarterly rollout basis and then daily support orders to support over 1,800 destinations all over the U.S.

Additional work included orders for outdoor boards used in advertising across the country and all kit component materials.  FSI shipped an average of 74,000 units per month on behalf of the the customer.  Kits work included 60,000 completed kits shipped to all retail locations nationwide, quarterly PSA (Public Service Announcement) kits included media and typically a premium item in special packaging, and a variety of other custom kit application delivered to market to support the client’s marketing effort.

The entire FSI team is extremely proud to support this program as it is a branch of the US military and to know we play an important role in their marketing and recruiting success.

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