Company Picnic is Family Fun

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Company Picnic is Family Fun

Lithia Springs, GA – 4/21/23 – Forrest Marbutt – We had a great turnout at our company picnic on Saturday, 4/8/23, even with all the rain.  We got to celebrate our 27-year anniversary, hunt some Easter eggs, play some games, give out some prizes, and just have a blast hanging out together.  I heard it said that it was more like a family reunion than it was a company function.  

Michelle Mazyck backed up that “family reunion” comment as well.  “It was fun seeing everyone enjoy themselves and being a part of the FSI family.  My son really enjoyed himself with all the games particularly the tug-of-war and sack races.”  There’s no doubt everyone had a great time and Jeremy Samples noticed “It’s amazing how well we get along and enjoy each other.  We work hard and play even harder.  It’s a good thing.”

We were able to announce where we stand with our order accuracy incentives.  If you’ll recall, we made some improvements for this incentive, and we’ll now have a 2-tiered amount to be earned.  Each employee can earn $25 per month for 99.9% accuracy, and $50 per month for 99.95% accuracy.  I was pleased to announce on Saturday that we made over 99.95% for all 3 months of the first quarter.  Congratulations! 

For those who couldn’t make it, you missed a lot of fun.  We are looking forward to future events like this and hope everyone can join in.  For example, since the rain messed up our hiking plans, we’re planning that event right now, so stay tuned.  

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