Q2 Quarterly Company Meeting

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Q2 Quarterly Company Meeting

Lithia Springs, GA – 9/8/23 – Shayla Strange – FSI celebrates our success quarterly by organizing a gathering, which happened to be a company cookout for Q2. During this meeting our owner, Forrest Marbutt, makes announcements regarding accuracy incentives, Ideas for Cash, and more. The Q2 meeting was held on July 7th, but this time it was a bit different and was amped up with some unexpected surprises. We had all the ingredients for a cookout. Sunshine, hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, sodas, snow cones, and to everyone’s excitement, a MECHANICAL BULL! Somewhere in between all this there was some discussion about accuracy incentives and process improvements, but the mechanical bull ultimately stole the show. Employees hopped on immediately and enjoyed the ride, even the owner, Forrest.

FSI understands how imperative it is to take care of our people and to celebrate all their wins, big or small!

At FSI, we work hard to get our customers’ orders out on time and correct and we take great responsibility for our clients, so it is important to take care of the employees too. FSI leadership understands the importance of taking care of our people and encourages employees to do their very best every day. This ultimately drives our employees to exceed our accuracy goals of 99.95%.

If you are ever in need of a mechanical bull, jumpers, tables, chairs, waterslides, etc. for your event, be sure to reach out to Gigi’s Jumper Jumpers.

Amid employees being celebrated during quarterly meetings, FSI recognizes 5 employees of the month which grants them bragging rights (LOL!), a designated parking spot, public recognition, AND a FREE car wash from a mobile detailer / car wash service that comes to FSI. We are proud to recognize the Q2 and some of the Q3 recipients below.

FSI understands how imperative it is to take care of our people and to celebrate all their wins, big or small!

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