The Importance of Selecting a 3PL with Strong Documentation Practices

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The Importance of Selecting a 3PL with Strong Documentation Practices

Lithia Springs, GA – 7/17/23 – Daryl Gramling – More often than not, our clients deal with ever-increasing levels of complexity within their business. This collectively translates into exponential complications within FSI because we must have one fulfillment system flexible enough to handle those changing requirements across our expanding client base. FSI constantly focuses on new ways to streamline and automate, but the manual nature of some of these requirements means we often must perform certain steps manually. With workforce turnover a constant and global challenge, how do we do this?

One answer is through constant attention to procedures and documentation.

A 3PL that relies solely on the collective memory of its workers is a 3PL with a high error rate.

Good documentation is a must. Think about it, there is a reason a Big Mac tastes the same in Atlanta and in Sacramento. Down to the smallest detail, McDonald’s invests heavily in standardizing and documenting their processes, culminating in “Hamburger University”, where over 275,000 people to date have received their degree in Hamburgerology. Really!

FSI believes strongly in capturing our core processes in written form, and new documentation is created constantly. It becomes part of the total FSI solution, with ongoing, controlled tweaking to make things just a little bit better. Our clients have noticed this and have even pointed out to us how our procedures generate consistent results. Make sure your 3PL really gets this, and consider how your own documentation can be improved as well. It takes time and money, but the payoff is long-term and significant. FSI works hard together, and plays hard together too. When we’re not handling your pick/pack/ship orders, managing your inventory, handling your kitting projects, etc., we’re busy having a good time doing something else fun together. One of our most recent outings was to go see a College Park Skyhawks basketball game.

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