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FSI Excels at Pick/Pack/Ship Services

What does it take to make a Pick/Pack/Ship program a success? At FSI, we know that Pick/Pack/Ship programs can be among the most challenging for any fulfillment company. With that said, we are totally committed to making each Pick/Pack/Ship program an unmitigated success. So, how do we make sure that our clients rave about our Pick/Pack/Ship services?

We start with a total commitment to accuracy for every Pick/Pack/Ship program. Our team knows that the better they do for our clients, the better they do for themselves. There’s nothing quite like a solid incentive program to make our Pick/Pack/Ship experts work hard for you! You might be wondering how that is working out for us. Well our 99.9% Pick/Pack/Ship accuracy rate pretty much answers that question, right?

But pick, pack and ship is about more than just putting things in boxes. In order to ensure that our Pick/Pack/Ship team has the near 100% accuracy that we demand, FSI has put the technology in place to make it possible. Our bar coding system takes the guess work out of the pick, pack and ship process. Because virtually every item our Pick/Pack/Ship team touches is bar coded, we are able to quickly identify potential mistakes before boxes are packed. Being able to quickly identify if the wrong items, or wrong quantity of items, have been selected, makes it possible for us to achieve the accuracy rate that our Pick/Pack/Ship team is known for.

Another reason why so many companies rely on FSI for Pick/Pack/Ship services is because we can work with nearly any type of product on the market. From books to apparel, we have handled the most basic, to the most complex variety of items for our Pick/Pack/Ship clients. Simply let us know what type of Pick/Pack/Ship services your company needs, and we will show you how we can do the job right.

If you would like more information on Pick/Pack/Ship services, please email us at info@fsifulfillment.com, or visit our website.

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